High Quality Precision Machined Firearm Components



Team Trinity is represented by some of the best shooters in the country. Ranging from GM’s to Juniors, both male and female. Each of our team members possess a high caliber of integrity, sportsmanship and knowledge of our products.

Want to know what innovative parts we are developing? Keep an eye on our Team Trinity shooters as they are also our beta testers!
Errol Lawson – Open GM, Florida
Chris Keen – Open GM, Ohio
Steven Sanders – Limited GM, Mississippi
Chris Stump – Open/Limited GM, Indiana
Kincaid Ross – Junior Open GM, Nevada
Chad Boncquet – Open GM, Indiana
Dex Bradley – Open GM, Washington
Robert Powell – Open M, Texas
Kevin Acuff – Open M, Nevada
Dillen Easley – Goat Rider, Missouri
Andy Lamm – Limited M, Wisconsin
Cesar Ho – Open A, Ohio
Garris Mercer – Open A, South Carolina
Blake Williams – Open B, Ohio
Todd DeVore – Open B, Ohio
Monica Taliani – Open B, Ohio
Clement Ho – Junior Open B, Ohio
Taylor Williams – Social Manager & Team Writer
Jordi Riera – Gone, but never forgotten
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