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We Offer High Quality Firearm Components

Our Titanium and Stainless Bolt Action Rifle Receivers are top of the line in both appearance and performance. They feature integral recoil lugs, 1 piece bolt/handle and spiral bolt fluting. We pay attention to every detail to produce a clean, smooth and reliable action that will be ready for your hunting or competition needs.

The 1911 Hi-Cap Modular frame was based off of the original Tripp Research design with improvements made in contour and radial angle as well as some shooter requested enhancements. The frame rails are made within +/- .0005″ parallelism to the frame body and a Wilson-Nowlin ramp cut is included in every frame at no additional cost. The changes made to the frame facilitate easier fitting and blending of parts and uses all common parts associated with the 1911 platform.

EVO Grip     $650 


Includes Grip Safety & Textured Mainspring Housing
*Grip Safety is fixed & provides no safety feature          

Single piece grip offers strength and flex resistance
that can’t be matched by multi-piece metal grips.

Allows your hands to grip in a more natural position
with 365 degree contour.
100% Machined in the USA, out of solid 17-4 Stainless Steel
for strength, recoil management and longevity.
Designed to allow you choice of mag
well, trigger and mag release.
Ease of mind with our no hassle warranty.
We will replace it as long as it has not been altered.

firearm-27075 Aluminum
Smooth $300
Textured $375
Aggressive Texture $425

17-4 Stainless
Smooth $450
Textured $525
Aggressive Texture $575

6AL-4V Titanium
Smooth $850
Textured $925
Aggressive Textured $1,000


10 Frame minimum per order

Long Dust Cover
4140 Steel $300

Tac-Rail Frame
 4140 Steel $350

Custom Serial # $25

Custom Serial #’s can be a maximum of 12 characters/spaces and must contain at least one number and one letter. No special characters.

Frames are machined  Clark-Para ramp cut.

firearm-317-4 Stainless $100

10492478_412039035640854_6595672197026420446_n17-4 Stainless $145

700firearm-1 Rifle Actions available in Titanium and Stainless Steel


Integral recoil lug

1 Piece bolt/handle

Spiral bolt fluting

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